There sure is a lot going on in the charity sector! We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting headlines and relevant news articles to give you an insight into the charitable giving world.


A behind the scenes look at the Donate The Change Journey so far

Read all about the Donate The Change story as we get excited about our imminent launch… read the blog here


“Charity marketing emails least opened by public, says DMA”

Charities’ marketing emails are the ‘least likely to be opened’ according to the Email Benchmarking Report conducted by the Direct Marketing Association…Read more


“One-third of card payments contactless”

With the recent news that card payments had surpassed cash for the first time ever and contactless technology becoming increasingly commonplace, it is no surprise that the use of contactless payments makes up one-third of card payments… Read more


“Text donations to charity fell to £115m in the last year, according to report”

The 2016/17 annual report by the Phone-paid Services Authority states that SMS donations to charity fell by 6% to £115m last year… Read more


Cash toppled – cards and contactless overtake notes and coins for first time”

It looks as if the UK is one step closer to a cashless society, with card payments making up more than half of all payments in 2016, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC)… Read more


“Record £60 million raised by 2016 BBC Children in Need”

Congratulations Children in Need! What an amazing total they’ve raised! The amount raised from the Appeal show reached £46.6million and has since increased to £60million… Read more


“Over 1,300 suppression requests made in first 12 hours of FPS”

With over 1,300 suppression requests made in the first day of the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) launching, it is clear that a shake up is needed in the way charities communicate with their supporters… Read more


“Weeks after donating his kidney to a stranger Martin will run marathon”

What an inspiration this man is! Not only has he donated his kidney but he plans to run a marathon just weeks after his operation…. Read more


“The simple truth for charities: treat donors well and they will give more”

Respect is the order of the day! It appears that the days of pushy fundraising techniques and overly emotional appeals may be limited…. Read more


“5 Big Issues Facing All Fundraisers”

The past 2 years have been pretty unforgiving for charities and fundraising with ‘higher donor expectations, increased regulation, cuts to traditional funding streams and more competition”… Read more 


“Leading charity calls for government to confirm plans for dementia research”

Alzheimer’s Research UK has requested the new government ‘renews its commitment to funding research into the condition”…. Read more


“Manchester attack: JustGiving suspends withdrawals from more than 200 fundraising pages over fraud fears”

Following the horrific attack in Manchester last week, our hearts go out to the families of lost or injured loved ones and all those affected by the Manchester bombing. We as a nation are comforted by the strength of community and the generosity of people supporting those affected. However, it is disheartening to hear that there may be some fundraising pages that have been set up as fake appeals…Read more


“New report shows charities more confident than ever with digital”

The New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has released a new report that asked 400 charity leaders how they were adapting to deliver their social impact in today’s challenging context, and the insights have been really interesting. Read more


 “Regulation, lack of trust and rising costs ‘will kill off some traditional fundraising’”

We think that WaterAid’s new marketing strategy may be onto a winner. They have refocused their strategy to create interest in their campaigns, and have become less concerned with making the ask for direct donations. Read more


“Regulator issues warning of ‘imminent danger’ from cyber attacks”

The Charity Commission’s appeals for charities to follow advice from London Police and Cyber Security Centre in light of the recent ransomware attack on the NHS, WannaCry. Read more


“Donating prompts 63% to take further positive action, says IoF & YouGov research”
Giving makes you feel great! The Institute of Fundraising and YouGov research has found 43% of people “changed their behaviour or felt more positive as a result of donating in the past” Read more


“Expect no increase in donations or government funding, NCVO warns”
With 48% of charities categorised as micro (annual income less than £10,000) and a further 34% categorised as small (annual income between £10,000-£100,000), it is evident that charities need to become more entrepreneurial to survive in the long term. Read more


“UK on the verge of cashless society”
With 33% of UK citizens claiming that they never use cash it is not surprising that the new £1 coin, introduced by the Mint over a month ago, has taken longer than expected to penetrate into society. Read more


“Blockchain startup offers transparency tool to track donations to charity”
Utilising ‘smart contracts’ so when supporters donate to a charity their contribution is “guaranteed to make an impact, or get their money back”. Read more


“Annual donations to UK universities pass £1bn mark for first time”
Philanthropic giving to UK charities has increased 23% in the last year… Read more


“Voluntary giving may have plateaued, says FSI report”
FSI report suggests that charities will need to “invest in the skills of their staff and volunteers, and looking at working or merging with each other” (May,2017)
Read more


“Charities: Royals help break down stigma of mental illness”
Heads Together get royal support to bring this charity to the fore and get people to start talking about mental illness. Read more


“Rich gave away over £3.2bn in 2016, according to Sunday Times Giving List”
Britain’s wealthiest people gave a massive £3.2bn to charitable causes last year, which is a 20% increase from 2015. Read more