We’re here to bring back spare change and donate it to charity

Donate The Change is teaming up with some great charities to introduce a whole new way of donating to charity this summer.

With a Donate The Change keyring, bracelet or loop (that fits on watches and fitness bands) you can pay for things using contactless and at the same time donate some small change to your chosen charity.

How does it work?

  1.  You set the rules – how much change do you want to donate? Round up to the nearest pound or add a little extra to each payment. You can also set a cap so you don’t donate more than you want to in any given month. You’re in control.
  2. All of the accessories have a mini contactless pre pay card inside. Load it up and Tap the accessory on the contactless card reader to pay, just like you do with your bank card
  3. Then the magic happens – as you pay for you lunch or coffee using the accessory the rule is triggered and a donation is automatically made to your charity from your bank account using Direct Debit.
  4. For example, if you’ve set your rules to round up to the nearest pound. Your lunch cost £4.80, so 20p is donated!
  5. It’s safe, secure and simple. And we even say thanks for using the service with our rewards programme.

Want to get one? Register your interest and we’ll let you know when we go live!

Are you a Charity that wants to benefit from this new service? Please get in touch

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