About us

Here at Donate The Change we wanted to shake up the way people donate and support the charities they care about. We wanted to make donating quick, easy and fun. And we wanted to put charitable giving at the heart of everyday spending.

How have we revolutionised fundraising?

Donate The Change provides a unique digital fundraising solution for charities of all sizes that enables supporters to automatically make a small donation to their charity whenever they pay with our contactless payment accessory. And to say thank you, Donate The Change will reward supporters for using the service with free rewards, personalised offers and treats.

We have partnered with some great charities to launch this new contactless technology – providing a fully managed service for the charities we support and a safe and secure new payment option for their supporters.

So what’s next?

First we are going to launch with our initial launch partner charities and invite around 5000 supporters to use the service. And then we will be working hard to welcome a further 20 charities on board with ambitions to reach over 100 charities by the end of 2017.  We can’t wait to see how much your small change donations can raise to help these amazing causes.

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